Nicole Yezman, ND, LAc

Dr. Nicole Yezman is a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist committed to assisting others in their journey to wellness. Nicole completed six years of training to obtain a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Master’s in Acupuncture from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  She also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  She has dedicated her life to medicine and healing.

Nicole is dedicated to helping people identify the root causes of their health issues, and always asks WHY a person’s current health state is the way it is.  She uses resources such as homeopathy, botanicals, vitamins and minerals, hydrotherapy, nutrition, Chinese medicine and acupuncture; and works in all realms, including physical, mental-emotional and energetic.  Her specialties include gastrointestinal health, autoimmune and chronic illnesses, Lyme disease, mold and mycotoxin exposure and allergies. Nicole’s three main goals are to identify sources of the toxic load on each patient, open their detoxification pathways so theses toxins can exit the bio-system, and finally trace the symptoms back to their original source.  This allows for the environment both external and internal to be navigated, which is when true change and healing can occur.

Nicole’s mission is to provide science based, wellness skills to everyday living.  She strives to model this in her own life, and to help others attain true health and healing.  The goal is for people to live vibrant, healthy lives, in both body and mind.

She loves to investigate- do the detective work it takes to understand a person’s inner workings, to better identify the causes of illness.  From this, treatments are structured, always with the patient’s best success factors at the forefront, and with an open heart and mind.

Together, let’s build and maintain a healthy, sustainable and thriving life experience.  Dr. Yezman is the best advocate for your health you will have, as she is devoted to finding your unique road to wellness.

What Others Are Saying

“Nicole Yezman is an amazing Naturopathic doctor! I first began seeing Nicole when I was preparing my body for pregnancy. 3 years later I still enlist Nicole’s services, as does my husband as well. And I’m happy to add that she treats our 15 month-old son too. She is extremely bright and thorough in her approach as she works with us to  investigate what’s happening in the different systems in our bodies and get to the root causes of our conditions instead of solely treating symptoms. She uses a range of modalities from Chinese medicine to homeopathic medicine to flower essences and more. For example Nicole has been giving our baby Acupuncture. He doesn’t even flinch when she so skillfully and gently administers needles. She is especially great with tiny humans – engaging and interactive. Nicole has a 4 year old and treats our son as she would treat her own. All 3 of us have experienced vast improvements in our health since we’ve been seeing Nicole. We’ve felt supported in ways that we haven’t experienced from other practitioners. I highly recommend seeing Nicole if you’re feeling off in any way.”

San Francisco, CA

“Nicole has been my practitioner for the last year.  She has always been very attentive to my immediate health concerns, as well as ongoing problems.  I have always felt that all my health issues matter greatly to her, and her therapies have substantially contributed to my well-being,” A.H.

“I have been a patient of Nicole Yezman for the last two years, receiving treatment for chronic pain. Her treatments are effective and I have noticed an improvement in my overall well-being. Nicole is very professional and knowledgable about Naturopathic and Chinese medicine,” J.T.

“I had the pleasure of being a patient of Nicole’s when she was at the An Hao Clinic.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and go to the clinic once a week.  I found Nicole to be thorough, knowledgable and very devoted to my care,” S.C. of Portland, Oregon.

“Nicole has a gentle touch- one of the best I’ve experienced, which says a lot about an acupuncturist!  She is passionate about finding remedies to health issues, and supportive of her patients,” L.H. of Portland, Oregon.

Now seeing patients at

Naturopathic Optimal Wellness
712 D St, Suite B
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415-721-7453

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